A Jolly Holiday Season at Letterbox Press!


My personal favorite this year was this card of my own babies…all grown up! Many thanks to         Claire Elise Photography for this beautiful photo…

The 2011 holiday season proved to be a fun one for us! At Letterbox Press, we served up lots of Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and holiday photo cards  in a variety of  styles. As always, we were happy to work with you to create a style that showed off your family’s holiday spirit in an easy, festive way. Thank you for your emailing us your family photos so that we could design the perfect holiday card for you!

Customers also enjoyed matching holiday address labels in round or rectangle sizes.Time saving labels can be cute and festive too! 🙂

We offered holiday gift tags, stickers and wine labels for personalized gifts for friends and family. These were personalized so the message is just right, with your favorite wine, recommendations for wine pairings, your favorite season’s greetings, etc… One customer purchased cases of wine and sent a bottle home with each guest as a special gift of Christmas cheer and friendship.

The images below are examples of stickers or gift tags with coordinating ribbon that we sold, and these were used for all varieties of gifts…

Creating custom party invitations for holiday parties this year was a lot of fun.  Some had a specific party theme in mind (like the Christmas board game party that my family recently had, or a white elephant gift exchange, and another that combined a 50th Birthday and Christmas party in one). We were happy to design all our custom invites for free, which is our standard.

As always, digital proofs were emailed in 24 hours for approval at no extra charge –  we realize the time crunch during the holidays!


Click here for a final peek at our holiday selection so that you can keep us in mind for next year. Thank you for your business this past season, and we hope you had a healthful, happy, and stress-free holiday!

Happy 2012 from Letterbox Press!


Unleashing Your Inner Organizer

I have a confession to make: without my to-do lists, I would be utterly lost.

I have never been one of “the organized ones”. My desk is always filled with clutter. My bedroom is perpetually messy — ok I confess, I don’t make my bed every day! But I’m very organized about the way I spend my time. I generally plan every aspect of my day, from when I do laundry, go to the gym, plan family dinner, and most importantly take a much needed break to watch Drop Dead Diva (a guilty pleasure – and all of season one is on Netflix!).

Yet now, in the middle of July, the lazy summer attitude has begun to crush my productivity, which is sure to be a problem when fall comes and the back-to-school craze hits my household at full force. I need to seriously think about that nagging little word, ‘order’.

A great place to start is always gathering lovely materials that make me want to burst with organization. Writing everything down helps me plan my “to do’s” (plus I LOVE drawing a big fat line through each finished task). Carolina Pad offers tons of school, office, and arts and craft products that are really great for career gals or full time moms who love to see their lists on cool paper products.

In an attempt to offer helpful products on my website, we’ve added calendars, notepads, and organizers that we designed ourselves based on how we plan our days. We hope you too will love our Organize Me notepads that can be customized for any tasks you might want to list:

If you want to keep your time organized, a calendar is essential to remember short and long term commitments. Make sure you pick one that suits your personality and style so you can keep up the motivation to use it.

You can get this calendar with your chosen color and text over at our website.

Also check out our notepads, bag tags, and stickers. Even if you manage to stay organized, there’s no guarantee that your kids will. This is our fun way to make the process a lot easier!

Now you need a little coaching and inspiration?  One of my all-time favorite blogs is Organizing Junkie. Laura proudly calls herself an “organizing addict”, and on her blog she provides useful tips for storage, menu planning, and scheduling. Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you can stay in the know about all of her awesome give-a-ways for a chance to win cute calendars and storage materials!

If you’re so overwhelmed by your own disorganization that you don’t even know where to start with all of this information, the Get Organized Wizard is probably the best way for extreme results fast. This helps you plan your whole day so that it’s virtually impossible to ignore the things you have to do. This claims to help you reach long-term goals through a step-by-step system that will lead you to a “life makeover”.  If anybody has given it a try, we would love to hear about the results!

Last but not least, Kim Cossette is a professional organizer in Atlanta we met at a local networking meeting. She does a wonderful job of organizing lives, even her website is perfectly organized in such a cute way! If you’re from a different area, you can subscribe to her monthly newsletter and get a free e-book!

Hopefully, you found something in this post that will help you get excited about de-cluttering your life. Organization is all about doing things one step at a time without getting overwhelmed. Try to take a deep breath and relax so that you can spend more time doing things you want to do and less time stressing about all the things you HAVE to do.  Happy organizing!

Graduation Season!

Spring has officially sprung! Here in Georgia that means we’re already starting to feel the summer heat, and as the end of the school year winds down, everyone is busier than ever! At Letterbox Press, we’re offering graduation announcements  and invitations to help make this crazy time a bit more organized. You can find all of our graduation stationery here on our website, and even choose custom colors (like school colors!) for the theme. The graduation invites can include a student’s cool picture and the date and time of a graduation party…

We also offer an easy gift idea for graduates that we call “Cash & Tags” – custom luggage tags that could be presented with a gift of cash or a gift card. This is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your monetary gift, and the tags are great for sports bags, back packs and all that luggage the grad will be packing for college.

A few other trendy ideas include personalized “to do” calendars (an important tool for any college freshman!), note cards, networking cards, and note pads that also make great gifts. Be sure to check out all of our high school/college products up on our website!

Last but not least, thank you cards are a must to help you show your gratitude after the big event! Check out a few styles below… and Congrats to the Class of 2011!