Our new blog!

Just like the nostalgic pleasure of sending and receiving letters, blogging is another fun way to keep in touch with clients while providing updates from the world of stationary design.

Letterbox Press provides custom invitations for weddings, graduations, baby announcements and theme parties, as well as personalized stationery products for every day. We design unique styles for customers who enjoy sending hand-written notes and custom invitations. We also offer a design service to brides who want to design their own invitation so that it looks like no other.

We’re excited to share our latest idea… “Nearly Wed Cards” – fun, trendy business cards for couples who are in the midst of wedding plans. These cards are great for giving to photographers, cake vendors, florists, etc., and they can incorporate color schemes that match your wedding’s unique theme, as well as pertinent information about your wedding. They’re a clever way to leave a lasting impression on all those vendors you’re meeting!