Cozying Up to the Holiday Season

One of the best things about this time of year is finding an excuse to stay inside. I love rediscovering all those warm corners and long-forgotten spaces in my home, the special places for snuggling under warm blankets and drinking hot cocoa. The beginning of winter represents a shift in thinking about interior spaces, as heart-to-hearts by the fireside suddenly become immensely appealing. And what better way to prepare your house for family, friends, and holiday parties than with a new take on decorating?

I really admire interiors that blend styles seamlessly together in this transition between seasons. With a little tweaking, many of your favorite fall decor ideas can still apply in winter, as the scene becomes a bit more festive and more elegant. Fall and winter is the perfect time of year to experiment with a minimalist look that’s not cold, but luxurious.

Desire to Inspire is one of my favorite blogs on interior decorating. Beautiful and artistic – you can almost feel the creative energy each room inspires! Every room tells a different story.

CocoKelly, always a great source for thinking creatively about decorating, had the great idea of pinning leaves to the walls as a form of beautiful wall decor (more like wall art, really).

I personally cannot wait for Thanksgiving break. I’ve spent far too much time this Fall rushing from place to place, appreciating the cool weather in short bursts of activity. I’m looking forward to focusing on relaxing, catching up on reading, and using my favorite cozy places as a great place to experiment and learn something new and fun. One of my family traditions around this year is to make a Christmas craft. If you’ve had enough of the same old hand turkeys, why not try these gorgeous autumnal felt flower wreaths? And they’re even easy enough for the not-so-artistically-inclined, like me…

On Pinterest, I stumbled upon a link to these super easy, tasteful garlands – perfect to spice up a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table.

And of course, you’ll want a warm dessert to entertain your guests at your craft party or tree trimming date.  This hot cocoa cake looks delicious beyond belief.

At Letterbox Press, we have fun holiday invitations available to get ready for Christmas & New Years holiday parties. We also offer festive address labels, gift tags, and stickers. I love this design for a holiday party – very mod and chic! Check our link for more samples of fun holiday invitations…

Happy holidays from Letterbox! Enjoy!

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