Writing the thank you note…

We’ve all been there – you’re struggling to come up with a unique way to thank your Aunt Judy for graduation money, with a whole pile of cards yet to do. You want to write something meaningful, rather than repeat the same old sentiments we’ve all heard a thousand times: “Thank you so much for the money. I’m sure it will be useful.” Below are a couple of ideas for kids and adults that will help make the task a little easier…

Under the age of ten, thank you cards can be less difficult to write. Choose a colorful card where you fill in the blanks, and since most of your presents are toys, it’s not hard to sound enthusiastic. Custom thank you notes like these make it easy on parents and kids:


For us older folks, we have to submit more effort than filling in the blanks. Choose a card style you love and the chore becomes more enticing…

Sincerity is always best. Be clever and/or humorous if you are close to the person and know they will appreciate your humor.

Be honest about some aspect of this gift. Think about what it really means to you, how you’ll benefit from it (or how the person you’ll “gift it to” might benefit…shhh!) and relate those feelings on paper.  Handwritten thank you notes are so appreciated, even if the gift wasn’t quite right, people love feeling the connection they’ve created through their gift.

The best way to start is to stick to a basic template, such as: “I want to thank you for thinking of me and sending the (gift or money). Your generosity and kindness will always be remembered.” Refer to specific details, such as the design of the gift card or their personal note, whether or not the person attended your event or mailed the gift, what store the gift card was from, or if there was especially pretty wrapping, go ahead and include it in your thank you! It will make your note even more personal. We found a really great site for ideas on writing thank you notes… check it out  http://www.thank-you-note-samples.com/how-to-write-a-thank.html . Also, click here to shop our site for beautiful custom designs that you won’t find anywhere else…

Lastly, make sure that you sign off in a way that’s appropriate for the person you’re sending it to — “Love” for family members and close friends, “Sincerely” or “Yours Truly” work well for others!

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